Hydro Excavator

Hydro Excavator


The HX30G is a self-contained vacuum excavation machine capable of vacuuming a wide variety of non-
hazardous, non-flammable liquid and solid debris. It is designed to perform efficient soft excavation,
including exposing utilities for visual verification and potholing. The reverse flow system allows
for spoils transfer to another tank. 500 GAL SPOILS/200 GAL WATER

Powered by a 31-hp engine, the HX30G provides power, water pressure and suction in a low-profile unit. Equipped with a 542-cfm blower and powerful 4.2-gpm water system capable of 3,000 psi, this vac gives you the suction and efficiency to perform.

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Additional information

Weight 6020.00 kg
Dimensions 232.10 × 96.00 × 84.20 cm


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