Top Dresser

Top Dresser


Application Speed: 9 cu. ft. per minute / 8 cu. yd. per hour
Application Width: 4 to 18 feet
Application Thickness: up to 1/4″
Materials: All grades of sand, Calcined clay, Crumb rubber, Light soil mix, Lime, Most pelletized products, Pulverized soils, Sand, Screened compost, Screened loam, Unlimited blends of all products
Hopper Capacity: 11.5 cu. ft. load
Engine: 5.5 HP Honda GX 160
Ground Speed: Up to 5 mph
Empty Weight: 320 lbs
Dimension (L/W/H): 78 x 34 x 40 in

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Additional information

Weight 320.00 kg
Dimensions 78.00 × 34.00 × 40.00 cm


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